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When the guys from wamya approached us for a branding job, we were super excited because we knew the folks and we were sure it’s going to turn out great. The guys were trying to launch their Courrier and bespoke transportation service. Being a premium service, they had to wok on their image but had no idea where to start. That’s where we come in.

  • Establishing Wamya as the go-to service for quick and reliable courrier service
  • Justify the premium and sell it to potential customer
  • Stand out from the competition
  • Brand Strategy
  • Logo design
  • Brand identity and visual design
01. Brand strategy

Understanding the business

The goal of brand strategy session is to create a space where meaningful conversations about the brand can happen. Most of the deliverables are things we already know and the rest is just tactical digests. A Brand strategy job is an opportunity to take a step back and reflect on the business. We don’t expect to tell the client anything they didn’t already know. What we’ll try to do however is to grant ourselves the opportunity to rethink it from a holistic perspective and, get back to the roots of the why and maybe articulate it just a little bit better.
Conversations about strategy will feed sales conversations with clients. A brand strategy study should necessarily provide clear answers to most of the questions that a brand can face. It’s actually the backbone of everything we’ll say in person, on our website, social media and else.


The strategy job takes us through evreything that makes the business. We don’t any stone unturned. We believe that asking the rigt questions and sometimes the difficult question is the way to go. For that end, our sessions cover many topics depending on the client, but the must-haves in our framework are:

The people
  • The team
  • We are
  • We are not
  • The Goal
  • The why
The market
  • Our client
  • Competitors
  • Analysis
  • Opportunity
The business
  • Positioning
  • Mission statement
  • Service offering
  • The pitch
  • Brand attributes
  • Brand promise
01. Brand strategy

Findings Digest

Through multiple meetings and workshops, we carved out the essence of what makes the company. For obvious reasons, we can’t disclose most of the information we uncovered, but we’re at liberty to share what’s public. So here we go:

Positionning Statement

Wamya is the only company that does same day courier delivery service with personal pick-up and drop-off for professionals.

Mission Statement

We help businesses trasfer that packages quickly, conveniently and securely


Delivering peace of mind

02. Brand identity and visual design

Converting thoughts to visuals

Understanding is the first layer of building. Now that we thinkv we have a solid grasp of what the company is, our mission is to try and capture the voice of the brand through visuals and copy. We’re basically building an interface for the brand so it can communicate on its terms.










02. Brand identity and visual design

Direction 1

Successful Brands don’t say a lot. They keep it concise but clear. building a brand around a simple expression really sets in the tone for a direct and clear message. For our first direction, we went with something quite powerful:


Predictably dependable

Consider the falcon: often used for hunting in countless areas of the world. The falcon is the fastest creature on earth. It is also one of the smartest and has one of the best eyesights of all the animal kingdom. The reason why we believed it represented the spirit of our direction: “expectedly dependable” was all about the mechanics of how these birds behave in a hunting context. When the prey is spotted, the master doesn’t order them to go for it. They just do. and when they catch it, the don’t touch it. They merely bring it back as is. spotless performance, consistent results, and majestic presence. Predictably dependable.

Hawks have many distinctive features, from the body shape to the tail to the claws to the wings. We wanted something that couldn’t be mistaken for any other type of bird. Claws, for instance, can be mistaken for those of an owl, or even worse, a chicken, to the non-expert eye. Wings can resemble those of a crow. The only thing that made sense was the head and the beak to be precise. It can go for an eagle, but that’s alright too.


We love the golden ratio. It makes things so much easier, and much more… Scientific. For those who don’t know what that is, It’s a number based on the fibonacci sequence.

It’s a ratio that shows up in manythings in nature that humans find pleasently proportional. Some call it the secret of beauty. We use it to build logos that show perfect balance and untethered continuity in stokes, color and spacing. The romans and the ancient greeks used it extensively without even knowing it existed. We, however, know. So we make sure to measure many things by it

How it turned out

02. Collateral

Marketing material

But a logo is not a piece of decoration. It’s more or a warship. It has to be resilient and take on many different contexts and still deliver on its goals. We make sure to present a few context pieces that really give the client an idea of how things will look like.

We showed the direction that the client chose. It was indeed a very good choice. But we also had a few other interesting directions. That’s rule number one: Never show only one choice, that puts too much pressure on the direction. Our favourite direction was themed: “effortless speed” and it was based on a combination of the bird and the paper plane. We found the symbol to be structurally expressive. It conveyed better the idea of speed and ease. It has some technical challenges when it comes to the actual build. And that’s the thing with logos. We’re not illustrating a comic book. These things have to work. and we’re glad the final direction does.
Effortless speed

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